• Hydro excavation
  • Vacuum loading (wet and dry)
  • Underground cable and utility detection
  • High pressure water blasting (rated to 5000psi)
  • Pipe ferreting
  • Pot holing
  • Trenching
  • Drain cleaning
  • Post hole digging
  • Ragbolt installations
  • Floor or surface cleaning
  • Tree removal
  • Regulated waste removal/transport
All work is performed to a high standard by our skilled operators. We have three fully equipped and well-maintained hydro vac trucks available - two trucks with 4000L carrying capacity and one truck with 5000L carrying capacity. All locating work is carried out by owner Shane a Telstra and Optus Accredited Underground Plant Asset Locater.

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Hydro excavation uses a combination of high pressure water flow to cut and displace the excavation surface whilst simultaneously vacuum loading the debris into the waste tank. Debris is then removed from the site and transported to an authorised waste facility.
This non-destructive and low-impact process has many advantages. It allows for greater range of access to the excavation site, particularly in areas where access for manual or mechanical excavation is limited or restricted. Hydro excavation eliminates risk of damage to underground services and utilities and it leaves the site clear of debris.
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Vacuum loading is an effective means of drawing and transporting a wide range of wet and dry materials eg sand, concrete slurries, clay, dirt, dust, gravel, wood-chips, cement, grease traps, oily water, sewerage and asbestos. Waste is removed from the site and transported to a certified regulated waste receiver.
HAVAC Solutions operators follow strict processes when collecting and disposing of all waste materials.
HAVAC Solutions is EPA licensed (EPSX01626513) to transport regulated waste.
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HAVAC Solutions provides cable locating services to detect underground electrical and telecommunication (fibre optic or copper) utilities. Owner Shane is a Telstra and Optus Accredited Underground Plant Asset Locator and a registered member of NULCA. HAVAC Solutions is listed with Dial Before You Dig for locating services.